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Regex Examples

Regex Search Box Effect
snora2 snora2\D snoRNA Names Show snoRNAs with the same name and if they have varying end letters
nr_\d+ External IDs Show all entries with a Refseq ID
hgnc:\d+ External IDs Show all entries with an HGNC ID
hgnc:\d.*ensg\d.*nr_\d+ External IDs Show all entries with an HGNC ID, an Ensembl ID & a Refseq ID
^(?!.*(hgnc|nr_)).*$ External IDs Show all entries without an HGNC or Refseq ID

Toggle Column Visibility with buttons

Columns are grouped by similar data types and color coded to match columns in their group

Individual columns can be toggled by clicking on Column Visibility

Reorder Columns & Select Rows


Drag and drop Columns to re-order them.

Click on rows to highlight them.

  • Hold Ctrl (Command on Mac) + Click = select non-contiguous rows
  • Hold Shift + Click = select contiguous rows

Highlighted rows can be downloaded (see next slide) or the abundance of the highlited snoRNAs can be visulized by clicking on the "Abundance data" button (not shown here).

Download & Share Data From Query or Selection

Example: You obtain the following rows from a query and want to share them

  • Click the Excel, TSV, BED, FASTA or Download all buttons. These files can be shared and used to view their contents.